Flying Machines

No invention of Leonardo da Vinci has so much captured our imagination as his flying machines. Never mind that they were fundamentally unworkable; or that the Ragallo Wing, use d for modern hang gliders, could easily have been built with materials available at that time. What appeals is the dream, and Leonardo's systematic attempts to achieve the impossible.


Paris Manuscript

Leonardo envis ioned this device to be built of wood, reeds and tafetta. "A small model can be made of paper with a spring like metal shaft that after having been released, after having been twisted, causes the screw to spin up into the air."

Flying Machine Test

Codex Atlanticus

Detail of a device to test the lifting power of an artificial wing.

Flying Machine Armature< /H3>

Codex Atlanticus

Armature for the wing of a flying machine.

Flying Machine Wing Mechanism

Codex Atlanticus

Study of the wing mechanism of a flying machine.

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